There comes a time in life where surrender doesn't seem like a very comfortable place.

Really what would you surrender or say "Lord have your way?" I don't know anything else but this place of comfort maybe a little uneasiness but when the mighty storm inside your soul cries out an intimate,

"Abba Father....I surrender, I want to know you more....." the deepest you can go is when the reality and... perspective that at the end of your day HE IS STILL GOD AND YES HE IS STILL GOOD!! He says, "I DESIRE A BROKEN SPIRIT AND A CONTRITE HEART!"

We were created to LIVE!! Provided by His only SON Jesus Christ..LIVE ETERNALLY. The things around us is not life...yes, though we live, our desperate striving to find happiness and fulfillment DO NOT come in things or even trying to be a good comes when we recognize our desperate need of the FATHER where only HE can provide pure peace..even when there is none, pure joy..only by our salvation and life forevermore.

And for that I humbly say thank you...have YOUR way in me.
Galatians 4:4-7