I thought about Peter tonight, as he anxiously got out of the boat by faith, looked at his friends, then looked at Jesus, ...only he you think..then of course it wasn't just Jesus, but the storm was there, waiting and he began sink and all he could do is cry out to the one standing in front of him ready to save him. With an outstretched arm.

My thought, "How can I even grab... your hand, YOU"RE the one that allowed the storm, how can I trust you? Are my eyes not on you Lord.....when I got out of the boat?."

Teach me Oh God to trust you with my whole heart, to know that when my eyes are on the circumstance, YOU will pick me by your righteous right hand!! When we don't deserve anything. When trusting you doesn't seem easy, but unable to deny the truth of your sovereignty and LOVE! YOU alone are God and the earth is Your footstool. Save us Lord.