About Brent Yim

Brent Alexander Yim was born on December 10, 1979 in Torrance, CA to his parents Alexander and Janis Yim. As the middle child and only son, he brought his parents great pride and joy. He was raised in a loving Christian home with his two sisters, but it wasn't until the spring of 2001 that he personally encountered the Lord. His encounter with his Savior, Jesus Christ, changed his life miraculously. That was the first time his outlook and appreciation of life changed because of his personal encounter with the Lord, but it wasn’t the last.

Shortly after Brent’s personal reckoning, the Lord directed him to attend Calvary Chapel Bible College. There, he met his loving wife, Andrea. The two fell in love, and were eventually married vowing unwavering love to one another and promising to make their Faith the foundation of their marriage.

Two years later, after graduating, Brent went on to teach for several semesters at Calvary Chapel Bible College. The Lord grabbed hold of his heart in such a way that his yearning passion was to declare liberally and contend earnestly for the Faith, which has been once and for all delivered to the saints.

On February 27, 2007, Brent and Andrea welcomed the birth of their first son, Jaiden, to their family. Brent extended his family in 2009 when he became the Senior Pastor at Temecula Community Church and the Principal of Temecula Christian School. Then, on February 1, 2010, Brent and Andrea added an extension to their immediate family again with the birth of their second son, Micah. Brent was moved by how his life and ministry were flourishing and praised the Lord for the opportunity to be able to be an effective minister of God’s Word. His dreams were just beginning.

On March 4, 2011, at 31 years of age, Brent had another encounter with the Lord. This was a different encounter than his initial one with the Lord, but left him just as humbled and managed to inspire his Faith yet again. Brent was suffering a massive headache with some dizziness throughout the night and his wife convinced him to go to the emergency room for a medical exam. What Brent and Andrea figured would be a routine doctor’s visit turned out to be the beginning of his second encounter with the Lord.

The doctor ordered an MRI scan of Brent’s brain; the results were shocking. Brent and his wife learned the MRI showed he had an extremely aggressive tumor, half the size of a golf ball, directly on his brain.

Brent underwent surgery on March 25, 2011. Immediately following the surgery, he was medically induced into a coma for 10 days, due to the dangerous amount of swelling on his brain. His life quite literally hung in the balance.

On March 31, 2011, the biopsy results came back showing the tumor was stage 4 Gliosarcoma brain cancer. Brent’s cancer was one of the most aggressive types of cancers known to man.

After the initial surgery, Brent underwent 6 weeks of radiation, 9 months of chemotherapy, 7 months of steroid treatments and Avastin intravenously in an attempt to starve the tumor. The treatment attempts were aggressive and overlapping which caused Brent to battle a bout of steroid induced psychosis, loss of the peripheral vision in his left eye and much more! On top of treatments, fatigue and physical changes, there was the daily emotional, mental, and spiritual battle going on in him and his young family. Through it all they kept faith that God would heal him.

On February 3, 2012, after another standard MRI, Brent and Andrea received the news they were hoping not to hear; the current tumor showed signs of re-growth and there was a new tumor that had grown through the nerves on the other side of his brain. Due to the location of the new tumor and the fact that it was attached to his brain, it was inoperable.

The Lord directed Brent and Andrea toward looking into the different options of treatment available to them. They continued to pray for the Lord's guidance, wisdom, strength and provision! Even in the midst of the trial, Brent continued to show his love and faithfulness to the Lord and the flock at Temecula Community Church by sharing His Word from the pulpit whenever physically and mentally able!

After 14 months of battling the cancer, at the age of 32, Brent was united with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Although his family is thankful for his healing and has the confidence of knowing he is where he lived his life to be, the loss of him on earth is a daily struggle! We ask for your continued prayers for Andrea, the boys and his family!

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Also 107.9 kwve (the Christian radio station) just announced they will be airing Pastor Brent's sermons. More on that later...

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